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Party Eloquence features special events, banquets, weddings & destination travel. Party Eloquence Event Planning specialty is detailed to your destination orders. We negotiate with Venues, Caterers, Musicians and Photographers just to name a few for you. The details on your: invitations, announcements, envelopes, reception and directions cards, response cards and envelopes, thank you notes, programs, scrolls, book markers, favor ribbons, napkins, matches, and place cards require detailed instructions and our follow up.

We thank you for your time, peace, understanding and consideration. We trust that you are blessed, in good health, and obtain spiritual growth. We search for the best products, goods and services that we require for you. My Mentor told me to " refuse to accept anything but the best." That is why we strive to give you our best. We are people who need people to survive in this business! Internet connections are linked together. If you would be so kind to place our link in your message to share us we would appreciate that. Send us a copy and your location for future surprises. Sharing links is as good as word-of-mouth. Visit our other pages, connections, and sales. Thank you in advance. Matthew 7:8 - For everyone who keeps on asking receives; and he who keeps on seeking finds; and to him who keeps on knocking, [the door] will be opened. Knock, knock!

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Seasonal Decorations, can be made to order and shipped to you by our Creative Network. Our suggested ordering time is sixty days in advance t guarantee your satisfaction and delivery. We have openings to prepare your baskets, seasonal wreathes, and hand made decorations. Therefore, if you would like a specialized design let our team know, please communicate soon special orders department. E-commerce is the technology solution for motivation, recognition, and communication on the Internet. We will provide that specialized touch. Please shop for your Seasonal treasures now and AHAVA skin care to your host or hostess.">

Create a special event for your special day with decorations, scents and music. Use scented candles or simmer a pot of water with cinnamon and citrus fruit to fill the house with a delightful aroma. Choose your favorite music and have it playing softly in the background when guests arrive. Consider unplugging or removing your television for home entertainment. Television can spoil the interaction of your guests. If you have the TV on consider the music stations and remove the remote. Music will set the tone for conversations.

Music is an important element of most parties and gatherings. If pre-recorded music is to be used, consider the musical preferences of your guests. Have a variety of music available. Music helps set mood, so use with discretion for these parties. #summertraveltips

Candles are my lighting choice for intimate dinners and family gatherings. Colored lights on staircases, around arch ways and trimming the buffet are successful at larger events. Creative lighting will contribute much to the atmosphere. Try replacing some bulbs with colored ones in table lamps or hanging fixtures with low wattage bulbs. Strobe lights and black lamps can add to the fun. You can be very creative.

Seating Consider removing all the chairs from the dancing area. This will create more room for people to mingle. Inquire at your Church or local banquet hall about chair rentals. Often time funeral parlors will rent chairs and tables when not in use. Please, consider the sizes of your guest and any special needs. You would like for everyone to be comfortable. #summertraveltips

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Plan your snacks wisely according to your chosen attire. When you choose foods that complement each other and your dress code you will be assured success. Finger foods are difficult at a formal affair. Try setting a theme for the food in each room or on each table. Allow 4 to 6 hot hors d'oeurve per person. Consider your flooring when serving gooey, drippy sauces near expensive rugs or cloth furniture. Some bread sauces can cause concerns also. Please, keep the guest in mind because everyone is not that neat. Keep some carpet cleaner, extra table clothes and paper products on hand, just in case. #summertraveltips

Beverages have expanded to a large variety. Many guest may need to bring their own drinks, let them know in the invitation. When your guest are bringing their own drinks don't forget the ice, juice and sodas. You can never have too much ice. Use quality ice for the best tasting mixed refreshments. Add fresh fruit to your shopping list and it should be sliced in advance. Consider making two punch bowls; one with light blends and one without for your guests. Remember, you are responsible for the safety of your guests therefore do not encourage excessive alcohol. Be sure to have plenty of hot coffee and snacks on hand for late in the evening. Coffee after the Party and snacks will help prepare a few eligible people for the road while you clean up. Fresh fruit is always acceptable.

Suggest a Smoking area if your party is being held in a non-smoking location. This will make accommodations for smokers. If you do not have a place for smokers let them know in advance that the party is held in a non-smoking household. Party Extras could include a scented candle in a smoking area, exhaust fan, and incense. Scented candles are greet for the bathroom too. Leave an extra roll of toilet tissue and hand towels in easy view. Be sure to purchase samples of products you may not use for emergency personal needs. After Party over the counter antacids and pain medications can be helpful. When people celebrate they over indulge. #2019yearofcelebrations

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