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This is your one stop planning form and we can assist you with payment arrangements. Please include the information needed for your event. You have the POWER to plan: a Banquet, Business trip, Convention, Group tour, Show, Wedding, or other event with us. We need all of the information as it is listed on your passport for travel outside of the United States. When you provide complete details here your reservation, stationery, or event is completed and SUCCESSFUL. When you list a budget we have the freedom to plan the best that your money can buy.

Celebrate Life with a plan... Paradise Love Amaze Nourish

Proven, we would like to plan in advance what you prefer. "Our primary goal was always to show people the world, and then give them what they needed while doing so", Raymond's Express Travel Services PLD. While planning, I considered: luggage for your clothes. Flowers for the room on special occasions. GIFTS for the hostesses. People often need cars, flights or just rooms. If you would like for us to include baggage handling, transfers or other optional services please use the "add information" section. Sales Persons, yes we read about your products. Anyone who misuses our form is added to a do not shop there list. You should complete the form below, so we can assist you best with our products, goods, and services we provide here, thank you.

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Now that you have completed the form if your information is not requesting our services you will not receive a reply. All sales persons, loan officers, or others selling your services will not receive a reply and added to a black list. We will look at the honest planning request and respond. We then examine your details as we begin our process. Next, we will contact you to discuss arrangements, entertainment, and other plans at the best time you can be reached. We may have many options to suggest from experience. We offer incentive gifts rationalizing the situation. You will be assigned an Account Manager to oversee your plans from the beginning to the end of your festivities. 

 Special Occasions Party Trays are available and for delivery in a few states with our Affiliates. Full course meals can also be arranged. We would like to keep in touch with you. Please complete the Party  Eloquence form here. We have Affiliates   with us in other states. We are only  temporarily unavailable for routine  upgrades. Thank you.

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