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      Select #Executive #Gifts for your staff that best represents you. Please book mark this page for a safe return. You can select anything from this page as a gift. The Employee of the month could receive a gift perfect for their life style. Our Team can also custom design a basket for you within your budget. We needed to improve efficiency with the lowest possible investment and you can too. It can be safer to shop on line and drop ship to directly to an office or their homes. Secured transactions can be identified with different symbols on the confirmation status of the order. Remember, if this is your first Internet purchase you will not see the secured insignia lock if you are window shopping.

      Networking, there are many ways to network with us. We look forward to receiving something from you soon Ray Extra Svc @ Face Plate. Faceplate is like a small business community. We have a Twitter page called #PartyEloquence our account brand. We are located at #Google Plus to keep communications open there you can add us to a circle to follow us. Facebook has the "like" feature for followers. If you join us at Facebook that would be an honor. Facebook Mobile page. Reserve a room at the hotel. Planning ahead you could for your home. Your Family would appreciate a thank you gift from you

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      Enable your employees to receive a quote from our network. Your rate will be based upon your individual request. The most creative people in the world need assistance with travel and party planning. Every intricate detail of a special event is important. Raymond’s Express Travel Services and Party Eloquence are here to assist with your planning needs. We will work with you. We can design a financial plan to fit your budget and assist you with Incentive programs within your means. You can help us by mailing in new recipes for taste testing. We prefer that you sign up for our news letter when doing so. This keeps our communication mutual.

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       Raymond's Express Travel Services was founded by P. Dabney. in nineteen eighty six and as time evolved with opportunity; the subsidiaries were started in hope of departmentalize businesses. Our clients visit the site to locate many of our services. Founder, She was working sixty five hours a week against all odds in this decaying economy. Eighty five percent of that time was on the computer at a variety of hours for various time zone differences. Then her heart happened, with a stroke, followed by eight hours of open heart surgery in November twenty ten. We thank God that the best surgeon was on call and she is still rehabilitating her heart and life.

      #Planning with #Eloquence will enable you to take your time online-only, order samples and gather valuable information for your special event day. Your people will be delighted with the gift choices that you make. We have met with representatives from the leading brands and companies that provide products and services directly to corporations and individuals. We have also located some comfortable accommodations, and personalized gift items.

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Anniversary gift, Holiday gift, retirement gift, or promotion gift.

Greeting cards, party invitations or professional gift calendars can be purchased here.

We are here and close only temporarily for routine upgrades.

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