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Greetings Brides to Be, Mother's of the Bride, #DestinationWedding #Planners and ALL visitors are all welcome. We cannot update this page too often with new content. The more we share, the less weddings we are involved. We designed this page to promote our on line wedding products, affiliates, caterers and photographers. Planning a wedding at any time can be a lot of fun, exciting and yet time consuming. You should have it your way because it is your wedding. We pray that your day will be stress free with our assistance or the "do it yourself" products that can be found here. We have located some bridal and other products that you can look over, or complete the order form now and generate a conversation with us.

Please, read to the bottom, because there are a few subtle but important changes. We invite you to click here for a variety of wedding options: Personalized Gifts for Her at Things Remembered, ~ ~ ~ items that can be found here and there. Couples you can order all your wedding stationery on our web sites including: wedding announcements, invitation samples, calling cards, ceremony cards, reply cards, reception cards, custom wedding invitations, gift received cards, wedding napkins, wedding gifts, wedding goods, and wedding thank you note. There are many engraved lettering styles to select from and Party Eloquence will track your special orders for your convenience! We have your personalized products for order all over the place. Please, do not forget to click on everything. If you would be so kind and read to the bottom we have updates there too and our menu can be located there. For the men: Trousers and Pants, ~ ~ ~ Men's Dress Shirts, ~ ~ ~ Men's Suits and Suit Separates, ~ ~ ~ with Shoes.

The Wedding Ceremony is the most important part of your day. It is the foundation for the future. When you exchange your vows, that is the time when everyone should be with you. The reception can be fabulous, but matrimony is for the rest of your life. The love you share is a joy for all your family and friends to witness. Our on line specials include many products and changes. When you look around our Affiliate sites from here you are not limited to what you see here there are other products within our sites. We often hear parents focused on the reception. People are so diversified that the reception party is not of interest to all. Many people do not attend receptions because of alcohol consumption, permitted smoking, food allergies, wheelchair accessible locations, special diets, and other personal health concerns. We cater to all special needs. Catering Messages can be sent to us and include an email address to receive a reply from Ray Extra Catering Services.

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Catering Wedding Events,
We can arrange catering for your fitting luncheon, rehearsal dinner, bachelor party, bachelorette party, reception, after wedding brunch and picture remembrance meeting with the bridal party after the honeymoon. We can suggest locations, affordable meal plans and arrange for transportation if needed. Your meals may be as meek or as elaborate as you so choose. We can arrange a taste testing session for a nominal fee to cover the cost of the food. Our lead culinary expert has over twenty five years experience. An appointment is necessary. Our experienced staff is professional and uniformed. We will be early for your event. Thank you for this consideration. Catering Messages

Wedding Cell Phone Etiquette,
Please, consider these suggestions for Family and Friends that disrupt gatherings breaking the following rules:,
~ Turning off loud or annoying ring tones
~ Adjusting the ring tone or volume to the social environment
~ Putting phone on silent or vibrate to avoid disturbing the nuptials
~ Speaking quietly rather than shouting
~ Keeping conversations brief inside and outside
~ Letting mobile phones divert to message services during the ceremony
~ Finding a private place to talk if needed during the ceremony and reception
~ Never dial, talk and drive
~ and ask permission of any person at the wedding before recording his/her image on a mobile phone to share on Social Media!

  or  Handcraft Artificial Floral Arrangements by our team:

Bridal Shower: center piece & host gift
Ceremony: Alter, Isle, Pew, & Entrance
Corsages, bouquets, botanies, baskets & bows.
Reception: entrance, buffet arrangement, head table,
gift pieces, guest tables, parents table
Rehearsal Dinner: center piece & gift,
Thank you and mementos
Will you require our decorating services?
Decorations can be ordered for any location and we set up locally.

Stationery Guideline:
Invitations, Announcements, & Envelopes;
Reception cards, Direction cards;
Response cards & envelopes, informal notes,
Thank you cards or scrolls;
Bookmarks, matches and favor ribbons;
Place cards and programs.

Party Eloquence Online-only Bridal Specials


Bridal Planning Considerations,
Please, remember that guest pay for their own transportation and lodgings.
Ray Extra Hotel Reservations
If you have lived together for a while only register for gifts that you really need.
Do not expect gifts from people that have declined an invitation.
Be very clear if you do not want children at your wedding.
Adult Reception will lower your guest participation and overall cost.
Ask your hosts to instruct any late guest for the ceremony, to walk down an outside aisle, quickly and quietly.
We wore gloves at an elegant wedding. Gloves give your wedding attire such a special look.
It is appropriate to wear your gloves in the receiving line and an extra protection.
If someone hasn't responded to your invitation, call him or her and confirm over the phone.
Finally, it is suggested that you only supply registry information in your wedding invitation if requested.

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Gown styles & lengths descriptions first hand bridal shop research.
A-Line ~ A silhouette is a close fitting bodice and waist with a flared hem.
Ballet ~ Skirt length that falls at or just above the ankle.
Basque ~ Elongated waist about two inches below the natural waist that is defined by a V-shape at the center front.
Corseted Bodice ~ A fitted bodice usually reinforced to give support and detail.
Dropped Waist ~ Waistline positioned several inches below the natural waist.
Empire ~ Shortened waist style created by attaching the skirt to the bodice just below the bust line.
Intermission ~ Hemline that is floor length in back and mid-calf length in front.
Mermaid ~ Skirt flared at or below the knee.
Peplum ~ A short over skirt or ruffle attached at the waistline.
Sheath ~ Strait, fitted gown, often floor length and often worn with a detachable train.

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Standard anniversary gifts 1st Anniversary - Paper ; 2nd Anniversary - Cotton ; 3rd Anniversary - Leather ; 4th Anniversary - Linen ; 5th Anniversary - Wood ; 6th Anniversary - Iron ; 7th Anniversary - Copper or Brass ; 8th Anniversary - Bronze or Electrical Appliance ; 9th Anniversary - Pottery ; 10th Anniversary - Tin or Aluminum ; 11th Anniversary - Steel ; 12th Anniversary - Silk 13th Anniversary - Lace ; 14th Anniversary - Ivory ; 15th Anniversary - Crystal ; 20th Anniversary - China ; 25th Anniversary - Silver ; 30th Anniversary - Pearls ; 35th Anniversary - Coral or Jade ; 40th Anniversary - Rubies or Garnets ; 45th Anniversary - Sapphires ; 50th Anniversary - Gold ; 55th Anniversary - Emeralds ; 60th Anniversary - Diamonds

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